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The company is implementing XenDesktop globally for desktop virtualization. How should the architect recommend installment of controllers for high availability?

A.    Install two controllers in London and two in Paris.
B.    Install two controllers in New York and two in Hong Kong.
C.    Install two controllers in Hong Kong and two in Tokyo.
D.    Install two controllers in New York and two in London.

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Why should memory and network utilization be used to identify bottlenecks?

A.    Excessive memory and network utilization will slow the creation of new sessions.
B.    Excessive memory and network utilization on the data collector will slow down Web Interface authentication.
C.    Excessive memory and network utilization on the data collector will slow down application enumeration.
D.    Excessive memory and network utilization on the XenApp server will affect the local host cache.

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Scenario: The company needs to ensure that the provisioning traffic does NOT interfere with the exisiting PXE solution. The Provisioning Services servers will be connected to a 10 Gbps network. How does using a dedicated switch help the company secure streaming traffic?

A.    Dedicated VLANs ensure streaming traffic is NOT visible to other VLANs in the datacenter.
B.    Dedicated switches enable streaming traffic to be encrypted with IPsec.
C.    Dedicated switches allow the necessary TCP offload settings to be configured on the streaming NIC.
D.    Dedicated switches enable isolation of Spanning Tree instances.

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A Citrix Engineer needs to update the version of Citrix Receiver for Windows provided by Citrix StoreFront. Which files should the engineer update?

A.    Citrix Receiver files on the Delivery Controller
B.    Citrix Receiver files in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\store
C.    Citrix Receiver files for every host in the machine catalog
D.    Citrix Receiver files in C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Receiver Clients\Windows

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Scenario: A Citrix Administrator of a XenDesktop environment needs to create virtual machines, associate Provisioning Server target devices to those machines, assign a standard image vDisk and then add all virtual desktops to a PVS-PVD catalog. A custom template exists. Which wizard will enable the administrator to meet the requirements of the scenario using the least amount of steps?

A.    Imaging Wizard
B.    Auto-Add Wizard
C.    XenDesktop Setup Wizard
D.    Streamed VM Setup Wizard

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A company is evaluating a new marketing strategy involving the use of social networking sites to reach its customers. The marketing director wants to be able to report important company news, product updates, and special promotions on the social websites. After an initial and successful pilot period, other departments want to use the social websites to post their updates as well. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has asked the company security administrator to document three negative security impacts of allowing IT staff to post work related information on such websites. Which of the following are the major risks the security administrator should report back to the CIO? (Select THREE).

A.    Brute force attacks
B.    Malware infection
C.    DDOS attacks
D.    Phishing attacks
E.    SQL injection attacks
F.    Social engineering attacks

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What starting up a Virtual Desktop Agent, the desktop becomes unresponsive in the BIOS with the message, ‘Connecting to Provisioning services. Please wait……’ What would cause the desktop to delay during the startup process?

A.    The target device does NOT have an IP address.
B.    The Virtual Desktop Agent was incorrectly installed.
C.    The vDisk cache type is NOT set to `Cache on server disk’.
D.    The Stream Service is stopped on the Provisioning services host.

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Which two orders in the BGP Best Path Selection process are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    Higher local preference, then lowest MED, then eBGP over iBGP paths
B.    Higher local preference, then highest weight, then lowest router ID
C.    Highest weight, then higher local preference, then shortest AS path
D.    Lowest origin type, then higher local preference, then lowest router ID
E.    Highest weight, then higher local preference, then highest MED

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Refer to the exhibit. The two routers have had their startup configurations cleared and have been restarted. At a minimum, what must the administrator do to enable CDP to exchange information between R1 and R2?

A.    Configure the router with the cdp enable command.
B.    Enter no shutdown commands on the R1 and R2 fa0/1 interfaces.
C.    Configure IP addressing and no shutdown commands on both the R1 and R2 fa0/1 interfaces.
D.    Configure IP addressing and no shutdown commands on either of the R1 or R2 fa0/1 interfaces.