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A.    Export R80 configuration, clean install R80.10 and import the configuration.B.    CPUSE online upgrade.C.    CPUSE offline upgrade.D.    SmartUpdate upgrade. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 352SmartEvent does NOT use which of the following procedures to identity events? A.    Matching a log against each event definition.B.    Create an event candidate.C.    Matching a log against local exclusions.D.    Matching a log against global exclusions. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 353John is using Management HA. Which Smartcenter should be connected to for making changes? A.    secondary SmartcenterB.    active SmartcenterC.    connect virtual IP of Smartcenter HAD.    primary Smartcenter Answer: B NEW QUESTION 354Which path below is available only when CoreXL is enabled? A.    Slow pathB.    Firewall pathC.    Medium pathD.    Accelerated path Answer: C NEW QUESTION 355Which of the following describes how Threat Extraction functions? A.    Detect threats and provides a detailed report of discovered threats.B.    Proactively detects threats.C.    Delivers file with original content.D.    Delivers PDF versions of original files with active content removed. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 356The SmartEvent R80 Web application for real-time event monitoring is called what? A.    SmartView MonitorB.    SmartEventWebC.    There is no Web application for SmartEventD.    SmartView Answer: B NEW QUESTION 357SandBlast offers flexibility in implementation based on their individual business needs. What is an option for deployment of Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection? A.    Smart Cloud ServicesB.    Load Sharing Mode ServicesC.    Threat Agent SolutionD.    Public Cloud Services Answer: A NEW QUESTION 358What SmartEvent component creates events? A.    Consolidation PolicyB.    Correlation UnitC.    SmartEvent PolicyD.    SmartEvent GUI Answer: B NEW QUESTION 359Which Threat Prevention Profile is not included by default in R80 Management? A.    Basic: Provides reliable protection on a range of non-HTTP protocols for servers, with minimal impact on network performance.B.    Optimized: Provides excellent protection for common network products and protocols against recent or popular attacks.C.    Strict: Provides a wide coverage for all products and protocols, with impact on network performance.D.    Recommended: Provides all protection for all common network products and servers, with impact on network performance. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 360When using Monitored circuit VRRP, what is a priority delta? A.    When an interface fails the priority changes to the priority delta.B.    When an interface fails the delta claims the priority.C.    When an interface fails the priority delta is subtracted from the priority.D.    When an interface fails the priority delta decides if the other interfaces takes over. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 361Which of the following is NOT an option to calculate the traffic direction? A.    IncomingB.    InternalC.    ExternalD.    Outgoing Answer: D NEW QUESTION 362When an encrypted packet is decrypted, where does this happen? A.    Security policyB.    Inbound chainC.    Outbound chainD.    Decryption is not supported Answer: A NEW QUESTION 363Which of the following is NOT a component of Check Point Capsule? A.    Capsule DocsB.    Capsule CloudC.    Capsule EnterpriseD.    Capsule Workspace Answer: C NEW QUESTION 364You have successfully backed up your Check Point configurations without the OS information. What command would you use to restore this backup? A.    restore_backupB.    import backupC.    cp_mergeD.    migrate import Answer: A NEW QUESTION 365What is the best sync method in the ClusterXL deployment? A.    Use 1 cluster + 1st syncB.    Use 1 dedicated sync interfaceC.    Use 3 clusters + 1st sync + 2nd sync + 3rd syncD.    Use 2 clusters + 1st sync + 2nd sync Answer: B NEW QUESTION 366Can multiple administrators connect to a Security Management Server at the same time? A.    No, only one can be connected.B.    Yes, all administrators can modify a network object at the same time.C.    Yes, every administrator has their own username, and works in a session that is independent of other administrators.D.    Yes, but only one has the right to write. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 367What Identity Agent allows packet tagging and computer authentication? A.    Endpoint Security ClientB.    Full AgentC.    Light AgentD.    System Agent Answer: B NEW QUESTION 368In Logging and Monitoring, the tracking options are Log, Detailed Log and Extended Log. Which of the following options can you add to each Log, Detailed Log and Extended Log? A.    AccountingB.    SuppressionC.    Accounting/SuppressionD.    Accounting/Extended Answer: C NEW QUESTION 369You noticed that CPU cores on the Security Gateway are usually 100% utilized and many packets were dropped. You don't have a budget to perform a hardware upgrade at this time. To optimize drops you decide to use Priority Queues and fully enable Dynamic Dispatcher. How can you enable them? A.    fw ctl multik dynamic_dispatching onB.    fw ctl multik dynamic_dispatching set_mode 9C.    fw ctl multik set_mode 9D.    fw ctl miltik pq enable Answer: C NEW QUESTION 370Which two of these Check Point Protocols are used by? A.    ELA and CPDB.    FWD and LEAC.    FWD and CPLOGD.    ELA and CPLOG Answer: B NEW QUESTION 371To ensure that VMAC mode is enabled, which CLI command you should run on all cluster members? A.    fw ctl set int fwha vmac global param enabledB.    fw ctl get int fwha vmac global param enabled; result of command should return value 1C.    cphaprob -a ifD.    fw ctl get int fwha_vmac_global_param_enabled; result of command should return value 1 Answer: B NEW QUESTION 372What is the SOLR database for? A.    Used for full text search and enables powerful matching capabilities.B.    Writes data to the database and full text search.C.    Serves GUI responsible to transfer request to the DLE server.D.    Enables powerful matching capabilities and writes data to the database. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 373Which of the following commands is used to monitor cluster members? A.    cphaprob stateB.    cphaprob statusC.    cphaprobD.    cluster state Answer: A NEW QUESTION 374Service blades must be attached to a ____. A.    Security GatewayB.    Management containerC.    Management serverD.    Security Gateway container Answer: A NEW QUESTION 375An LDAP server holds one or more ____. A.    Server UnitsB.    Administrator UnitsC.    Account UnitsD.    Account Server Answer: C NEW QUESTION 376In Security Gateways R75 and above, SIC uses ____ for encryption. A.    AES-128B.    AES-256C.    DESD.    3DES Answer: A NEW QUESTION 377What protocol is specifically used for clustered environments? A.    Clustered ProtocolB.    Synchronized Cluster ProtocolC.    Control Cluster ProtocolD.    Cluster Control Protocol Answer: D NEW QUESTION 378Which of the following is NOT a tracking option? (Select three.) A.    Partial logB.    LogC.    Network logD.    Full log Answer: ACD NEW QUESTION 379Which command shows the installed licenses? A.    cplic printB.    print cplicC.    fwlic printD.    show licenses Answer: A NEW QUESTION 380Of all the Check Point components in your network, which one changes most often and should be backed up most frequently? A.    SmartManagerB.    SmartConsoleC.    Security GatewayD.    Security Management Server Answer: C NEW QUESTION 381Which option would allow you to make a backup copy of the OS and Check Point configuration, without stopping Check Point processes? A.    all options stop Check Point processesB.    backupC.    migrate exportD.    snapshot Answer: D NEW QUESTION 382What is the Transport layer of the TCP/IP model responsible for? A.    It transports packets as datagrams along different routes to reach their destination.B.    It manages the flow of data between two hosts to ensure that the packets are correctly assembled and delivered to the target application.C.    It defines the protocols that are used to exchange data between networks and how host programs interact with the Application layer.D.    It deals with all aspects of the physical components of network connectivity and connects with different network types. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 383What needs to be configured if the NAT property `Translate destination on client side' is not enabled in Global properties? A.    A host route to route to the destination IP.B.    Use the file local.arp to add the ARP entries for NAT to work.C.    Nothing, the Gateway takes care of all details necessary.D.    Enabling `Allow bi-directional NAT' for NAT to work correctly. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 384In the Check Point Security Management Architecture, which component(s) can store logs? A.    SmartConsoleB.    Security Management Server and Security GatewayC.    Security Management ServerD.    SmartConsole and Security Management Server Answer: B NEW QUESTION 385In order to install a license, it must first be added to the ____. A.    User CenterB.    Package repositoryC.    Download Center Web siteD.    License and Contract repository Answer: B NEW QUESTION 386When logging in for the first time to a Security management Server through SmartConsole, a fingerprint is saved to the ...? A.    Security Management Server's /home/.fgpt file and is available for future SmartConsole authentications.B.    Windows registry is available for future Security Management Server authentications.C.    There is no memory used for saving a fingerprint anyway.D.    SmartConsole cache is available for future Security Management Server authentications. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 387By default, the SIC certificates issued by R80 Management Server are based on the ____ algorithm. A.    SHA-256B.    SHA-200C.    MD5D.    SHA-128 Answer: A NEW QUESTION 388Which message indicates IKE Phase 2 has completed successfully? A.    Quick Mode CompleteB.    Aggressive Mode CompleteC.    Main Mode CompleteD.    IKE Mode Complete Answer: A NEW QUESTION 389Administrator Dave logs into R80 Management Server to review and makes some rule changes. He notices that there is a padlock sign next to the DNS rule in the Rule Base:What is the possible explanation for this? A.    DNS Rule is using one of the new feature of R80 where an administrator can mark a rule with the padlock icon to let other administrators know it is important.B.    Another administrator is logged into the Management and currently editing the DNS Rule.C.    DNS Rule is a placeholder rule for a rule that existed in the past but was deleted.D.    This is normal behavior in R80 when there are duplicate rules in the Rule Base. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 390When tunnel test packets no longer invoke a response, SmartView Monitor displays ____ for the given VPN tunnel. A.    DownB.    No ResponseC.    InactiveD.    Failed Answer: A NEW QUESTION 391Which of the following is the most secure means of authentication? A.    PasswordB.    CertificateC.    TokenD.    Pre-shared secret Answer: B NEW QUESTION 392What is the BEST command to view configuration details of all interfaces in Gaia CLISH? A.    ifconfig -aB.    show interfacesC.    show interfaces detailD.    show configuration interface Answer: D NEW QUESTION 393Authentication rules are defined for ____. A.    user groupsB.    users using UserCheckC.    individual usersD.    all users in the database Answer: A NEW QUESTION 394Which tool provides a list of trusted files to the administrator so they can specify to the Threat Prevention blade that these files do not need to be scanned or analyzed? A.    ThreatWikiB.    Whitelist FilesC.    AppWikiD.    IPS Protections Answer: A NEW QUESTION 395Which of the following is an authentication method used for Identity Awareness? A.    SSLB.    Captive PortalC.    PKID.    RSA Answer: B NEW QUESTION 396The SIC Status "Unknown" means what? A.    There is connection between the gateway and Security Management Server but it is not trusted.B.    The secure communication is established.C.    There is no connection between the gateway and Security Management Server.D.    The Security Management Server can contact the gateway, but cannot establish SIC. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 397What is a reason for manual creation of a NAT rule? A.    In R80 all Network Address Translation is done automatically and there is no need for manually defined NAT-rules.B.    Network Address Translation of RFC1918-compliant networks is needed to access the Internet.C.    Network Address Translation is desired for some services, but not for others.D.    The public IP-address is different from the gateway's external IP. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 398Which of the following commands is used to verify license installation? A.    Cplic verify licenseB.    Cplic printC.    Cplic showD.    Cplic license Answer: B NEW QUESTION 399To enforce the Security Policy correctly, a Security Gateway requires ____. A.    a routing tableB.    awareness of the network topologyC.    a Demilitarized ZoneD.    a Security Policy install Answer: B NEW QUESTION 400Which configuration element determines which traffic should be encrypted into a VPN tunnel vs. sent in the clear? A.    The firewall topologiesB.    NAT RulesC.    The Rule BaseD.    The VPN Domains Answer: C NEW QUESTION 401...... Download the newest PassLeader 156-215.80 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 156-215.80 PDF dumps & 156-215.80 VCE dumps: (417 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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