Critical The specifics of HP2-H31 Visit

HP2-H31 is definitely the visit as a result of HP which will may help that job seekers to get HP ProLiant server protection official qualifications routine. Considering the fact that HP is definitely the well known stores throughout the world, job seekers can be demonstrating to concern in certifying through HP qualifications per annum. It HP2-H31 exam official qualifications visit ideal for that job seekers which are focused on the advantages of product shipment and even service contract team members HP ProLiant Server Protection. It visit may even agree with far better to that job seekers that definitely have the least a year in get the job done go through in neuro-scientific server protection. Job seekers which are certifying in such a official qualifications definately will do distinct things which includes customer support, revive plus renewal in HP ProLiant servers and cleaners.

What is a key difference between standard cooling technology and HP liquid cooling technology?

A. standard heat sinks are replaced with cooling plates.
B. Cooling coils are built into the chassis to reduce heat.
C. A cooling plate is installed in the base to improve heat dissipation’
D. Fans draw cooled air over the components for cooling.

Answer: B

In a conversation with your customer, you talk about the DDR3 feature of the HPZ420 Workstation. What are you discussing?

A. processors
B. disk drives
C. memory
D. display driver

Answer: A

During a conversation with your customer, you discuss their plans to transition to the next generation workstation with the HP Z420. What should you be sure to mention?

A. HP Application Eco-system plan?
B. whole system performance design
C. built-in and simple expandability
D. stable and consistent offerings

Answer: A

You are speaking to a customer about the HP Application Eco-System on the HPZ420 Workstation. Which topic are you discussing?

A. joint application testing and certification with ISV
B. list of application that are pre-loaded with the workstation
C. integrated solutions developed by HP
D. HP internal application testing system

Answer: C

What helps to improve acoustics on the HP Z420?

A. reduced power CPUs
B. larger cooling vents
C. more efficient fans
D. liquid cooling technology

Answer: D


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