Promoting HP ProLiant Server Answer — HP2-T31 HP Examination Recommendations

HP2-T18 evaluation could be stated since the brand new edition associated with ProLiant accreditation exams which are granted through HP merchant. The actual title of the evaluation is actually Promoting HP ProLiant server answer. Because in the examination title by itself it may be learned that this particular accreditation is actually product sales focused as well as IT experts who’re within the product sales area may match greatest with regard to certifying with this particular accreditation. HP2 T31 exam accreditation primarily focuses on the experts who’re within product sales focused area.

What is at the core of the HP business strategy for servers and services?

A. business agility
B. infrastructure
C. mobility
D. software

Answer: B

How does the lifecycle delivery aspect of the HP Service One program support increased sales for channel partners and enhance their ability to earn more from the HP services they sell?

A. by enabling partners to deliver across the useful lifetime of an IT solution
B. by encompassing the resale of recycled products for an additional revenue stream
C. by helping customers manage legacy products covered under HP Care Pack Services
D. by restructuring onsite support services to include existing and newly ordered solutions

Answer: A

A geographically dispersed customer is looking for an easy way to automate integration with enterprise monitoring and service desk applications. Which component of Converged Infrastructure management helps this customer manage their large-scale environment?

A. HP One View

Answer: B

Which three deliverables are part of an HP Server Assessment and Design service? (Select three.)

A. proof of concept
B. infrastructure analysis and recommendation
C. backup modernization
D. readiness assessment report
E. solution blueprint
F. architectural roadmap

Answer: DEF

Your customer wants to prevent problems in their ProLiant server environment. Which support service should you recommend?

A. Insight Online Portal
B. Proactive Care
C. Insight Remote Support
D. Service One

Answer: B

In which two ways can a chief information officer (CIO) address the complexities of a new global initiative? (Select two.)

A. Rely on proven strategies and practices from past successes.
B. Modify product designs to map to cross-cultural differences and nuances.
C. Implement an ecosystem that focuses on all aspects of the customer experience.
D. Attempt to stabilize the constantly changing needs of the business.
E. Build agility into company systems and infrastructure.

Answer: CE

Applicants who’re thinking about attaining understanding of HP ProLiant server answer may also choose this particular accreditation. You will find absolutely no specifications necessary for the actual applicants to create this particular evaluation however nevertheless, it will likely be additional benefit in the event that applicants possess function encounter within product sales focused area. Applicants finishing this particular accreditation may obtain understanding as well as abilities how to market the actual HP ProLiant ML, DL, G6 in addition to SL server environment combined with the person instructions as well as assist service.


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