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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: M2140-664
Exam Name: IBM Enterprise Modernization Sales Mastery Test v2

What is one of the most common business reasons we hear from Power and System z customers for starting Enterprise Modernization projects?

A.    The need to transform IT from a cost to a value center.
B.    Plan to begin developing complex systems on intelligent devices.
C.    To ensure regulatory compliance through automated audit trails.
D.    The need to manage and monitor their product portfolio as investments.

Answer: B

The Jazz technology platform and tools can be used on projects that span different platforms and different languages. It can be used to unify development organizations through _______________.

A.    a flexible application foundation framework
B.    an integrated network infrastructure
C.    a certified professional enterprise roadmap
D.    a common team infrastructure and common developer toolset

Answer: C

What are the core Rational products in the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development Accelerator?

A.    Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Developer for System z.
B.    DOORS, Rhapsody, Rational Team Concert, ISPF.
C.    Rational Software Architect, ClearQuest, ClearCase, Rational Insight.
D.    Rational Developer for z, Rational Team Concert, Rational Asset Analyzer, Rational Development and Test Environment for System z.

Answer: A

What Rational Products can be used together to provide a comprehensive Application Portfolio Management solution?

A.    Rational Team Concert, Rational Software Architect, and Rational Focal Point.
B.    Rational Rhapsody, Rational Developer for z, and Rational Insight.
C.    Rational Focal Point, Rational Asset Analyzer and Rational System Architect.
D.    Rational Quality Manager, Rational Team Concert, and Rational Requirements Composer.

Answer: B

Clients can improve current applications by taking advantage of new architectures and technologies. What other key IT resource can be leveraged as part of an enterprise modernization project?

A.    Reviewing challenges against client objectives to generate a list of best practices.
B.    The process that helps business leaders identify industry trends.
C.    The domain and systems knowledge of long time IT professionals.
D.    Composite analysis testing and runtime analysis testing.

Answer: B

100% Pass M2140-664 Exam With M2140-664 Study Materials — Better Than Test-King

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