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A customer is virtualizing a mission-critical Microsoft SQL database and needs a configuration that provides optimal NUMA performance.
– There are two possible clusters that the database virtual machine could reside in: Cluster A is vSphere 6.0 and Cluster B is vSphere 6.5.
– All ESXi hosts contain dual Intel Xeon E5-2650 v3 processors (ie: 2 socket, 10 cores per socket) and 256GB RAM with vNUMA in its default configuration.
Given this scenario, which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Enabling CPU Hot Add on a virtual machine will disable vNUMA.
B.    Placing a 10 vCPU VM in Cluster A and configuring it with 2 Sockets and 5 Cores Per Socket will result in 2 vNUMA nodes.
C.    Placing a 10 vCPU VM in Cluster B and configuring it with 2 Sockets and 5 Cores Per Socket will result in 2 vNUMA nodes.
D.    Enabling Memory Hot Add on a virtual machine will disable vNUMA.
E.    Placing the VM in Cluster B and configuring it with 5 Sockets and 2 Cores Per Socket will result in 1 vNUMA node.

Answer: CDE

A business organization has different types of network traffic, and all the types of traffic must be kept separated. The design architect knows that the number of required networks is greater than the number of physical ports in the system. Which three choices can the architect use to keep the traffic separated? (Choose three.)

A.    Combine vMotion, Management, and vSAN to one VMkenel port.
B.    Configure VLANs to create separate networks.
C.    Purchase hardware that supports a greater number of network ports.
D.    Utilize Private VLANs.

Answer: ABD

An architect is designing a vSphere 6.5 implementation.
– The customer requires Cross vCenter vMotion for the newly-created data centers in New York and Houston.
– Each data center will use different IP networks for management and vMotion.
When creating a vMotion network, which two statements are required in order to use Cross vCenter Server vMotion? (Choose two.)

A.    vMotion Networks in both data centers must be in the same L2 stretched VLAN.
B.    The virtual machine port groups must use the same name.
C.    VMkernel port for vMotion must be configured with vMotion TCP/IP Stack with the correct gateway.
D.    vMotion networks in both data centers must be routable over L3 network.

Answer: AC

A customer is deploying a mission-critical Oracle database with high SLA requirements, including high performance and high availability. The customer has chosen to purchase an All-Flash vSAN solution. Which three storage policies should be used? (Choose three.)

A.    RAID5/6 for data disk and RAID1 for OS disk with FTT=2.
B.    IOPS limit and checksum should be enabled.
C.    RAID5/6 for OS disk and RAID1 for data disk with FTT=2.
D.    Configure multiple disk stripes.
E.    Deduplication and Compression should be disabled.

Answer: BCD

A company’s CTO is very concerned about web server outages that are caused by server hardware failures. Which feature can protect the web server virtual machine from this kind of outage?

A.    vCenter High Availability
B.    Proactive High Availably
C.    High Availability Orchestrated Restart
D.    High Availability Admission Control

Answer: A

The hardware operations team is planning to purchase new ESXi hosts for the upcoming budget year and is requesting recommendations on the type of servers to purchase for a web application. The web application consists of hundreds of small virtual machines (1 vCPU and 8GB of RAM) that are members of a software cluster. The solution should have these abilities:
– recover from ESXi host hardware failures
– zero downtime for a limited number of critical virtual machines (VMs)
– migrate running VMs between ESXi hosts without interruption to the operating system
– perform these functions using VMware ESXi servers, vCenter Server, and high-speed network interfaces
What are the three functional requirements and their associated VMware technologies? (Choose three.)

A.    automatic restarts of failed VMs (vSphere HA)
B.    high speed network interfaces (vSphere Distributed Switches)
C.    ability to migrate running VMs (vSphere vMotion)
D.    fault tolerance for limited number of critical VMs (vSphere FT)
E.    VMware ESXi Servers (vSphere Auto Deploy)

Answer: BCD

Drag and Drop
A company would like to utilize its current infrastructure but wants to adopt virtualization to consolidate its environment. Currently, the infrastructure contains:
– server with 2 x 8 cores CPUs and 96G8 of memory
– backup LAN with a single physical switch
– production LAN
– sufficient datastore performance as determined by the storage team
Match the existing infrastructure component to its appropriate concept.


Drag and Drop
A company has requested assistance with a new cross-site failover design between two sites which will support business-critical applications. Latency between the sites is less than 5ms round-trip. The company requires:
– application must be restarted quickly in the event of a total site failure
– allow for planned migration during maintenance
– applications must be kept online even when migrated due to planned maintenance
Drag each statement to its correct concept.


Drag and Drop
According to VMware-recommended best practices, on which cluster should each of the services be placed?


Drag and Drop
Match the business statement to its appropriate concept.


Drag and Drop
A company has one data center site running 50 hosts and 400 virtual machines and requires a vSphere 6.x design.
– The CIO wants to add a secondary site for Disaster Recovery (DR) with A hours RPO.
– The application developer is concerned about anticipated growth as several new projects begin.
– The CISO is worried about data leaks and theft.
– The CTO would like to buy new servers with better specifications and higher consolidation ratio.
Determine the critical requirements for each of the key stakeholders. Some requirements might have more than one stakeholder.


Drag and Drop
In the vCenter HA configuration below, drag the two correct components to the blank boxes in this diagram. The same component may be used more twice. (Choose two.)



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