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Users are reporting that they are NOT able to print both sides of a page in a session with a printer capable of double-side printing. How can a Citrix Administrator resolve this issue?

A.    Change the “printer properties retention” policy to save changes to the user profile.
B.    Restart the Print Spooler service on all XenApp servers.
C.    Install the native drivers of the printer on all XenApp servers.
D.    Enable routing of print jobs to the printer.

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator is working on a published application. The network connection remains for 100 seconds but is interrupted, and applications become unusable. The session then automatically resumes, and the administrator is able to continue working on the application at the same progress point as before the interruption. Which policy must have been enabled?

A.    Load Management
B.    ICA Keep Alive
C.    Auto Client Reconnect
D.    Session Reliability

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator needs to add a VMware ESXi host as a hosting unit in the XenDesktop. Which three permissions are required by User account to add the VMware ESXi host? (Choose three.)

A.    System.Read
B.    DataStore.AllocateSpace
C.    DataStore.FileManagement
D.    System.View
E.    System.Anonymous
F.    DataStore.Browse

Answer: ABE

A Citrix Administrator has created a new Delivery Controller and needs to join it to an existing Site to increase site redundancy. Which database permissions will the administrator need?

A.    db_securityadmin and dbm_monitor permissions
B.    db_owner and db_datawriter permissions
C.    db_accessadmin and dbcreator permissions
D.    db_securityadmin and db_owner

Answer: C

A Citrix Administrator maintains a XenDesktop infrastructure with both internal and external users. The external users access the XenDesktop environment via NetScaler Gateway, which is configured to control access to published applications and desktops using NetScaler Gateway session policies. What additional step does the administrator need to perform on the XenDesktop environment to allow access for the remote users?

A.    Enable External beacons on the NetScaler Gateway device.
B.    Enable trusts sent to XML Service via PowerShell on the Controllers.
C.    Enable trusts sent to XML Service via PowerShell on the VDA.
D.    Enable trusts sent to XML Service via HDX policies in Studio.

Answer: C

Configuration Logging tracks changes to XenDesktop from ____ and ____. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    Citrix Studio
B.    Group Policy Management console
C.    Citrix License Administration console
D.    PowerShell cmdlets

Answer: AD

Which feature keeps sessions active on the user’s screen, when network connectivity is interrupted?

A.    Session Reliability
B.    Automatic Client Reconnect
C.    ICA Keep-Alive
D.    Session Linger

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator is in the process of creating a new Machine Catalog. The administrator discovers that the option to power-manage the catalog is NOT available. What is causing this issue?

A.    The master image does NOT have the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) installed.
B.    The master image has an older Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) version than 7.6.
C.    The Site database is offline.
D.    No resource connection is defined in Citrix Studio.

Answer: A


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