CCDE Practical Exam Topics v2.0

The topic areas listed are general guidelines for the type of content that is likely to appear on the exam. Please note, however, that other relevant  or related topic areas may also appear.

Exam Sections and Sub-task Objectives

1.00    Analyze design requirements

1.01    Analyze business requirements, conflicts, and constraints

1.02    Analyze technical requirements, conflicts, and constraints

1.03    Analyze physical requirements

1.04    Analyze existing network

2.00    Develop network designs

2.01    Identify the technology to r

esolve a specific design problem

2.02    Analyze the impact on the existing network and services

2.03    Incorporate best practices within the network design

2.04    Incorporate business requirements within the network design

3.00    Implement network design

3.01    Analyze implementation options

3.02    Design an implementation plan

4.00    Validate and optimize network design

4.01    Analyze design choices based on specifications

4.02    Validate design

4.03    Optimize design

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