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Your database instance has the following parameter setting:
You execute the following command:

And then grantOPS$GUEST_USER the CREATE SESSION privilege. Which two statements are true?

A.    GUEST_USER can query the tables created in the USERS tablespace by default.
B.    The authentication details for GUEST_USER are stored in the database password file.
C.    A local GUEST_USER OS account should exist before GUEST_USER can log on to the database.
D.    GUEST_USER can log on to the database without specifying a username and password.
E.    GUEST_USER is forced to change the password at the first login.

Answer: DE

Your database is configured for ARCHIVELOG mode, and a daily full database backupis taken. RMAN is configured to perform control file autobackup. In which three scenarios do you need media recovery?

A.    loss of all the copies of the control file
B.    loss of all the inactive online redo log group members
C.    loss of a data file that belongs to the active undo tablespace
D.    loss of data files that belong to the SYSTEM tablespace
E.    logical corruption of data that is caused by a wrong transaction
F.    abnormal termination of the database instance

Answer: ABC

Your database has been running with a peak load for the past hour. You want to preserve the performance statistics collected during this period forcomparison when you analyze the performance of the database later. What must you do to achieve this?

A.    Increase the window size of the moving window baseline so that it equals the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshot retention period.
B.    Createa baseline on a pair of snapshots that span the peak load period.
C.    Generate Active Session History reports for the peak load period.
D.    Set the snapshot retention period in AWR to 60 to avoid automatic purging of snapshots for the past hour.

Answer: B

Which three statements are true about space usage alerts?

A.    Alerts are issued only when the critical threshold for space available in a tablespace is breached.
B.    The sum of active extents and allocated user quotas is considered to compute space usage for an undo tablespace.
C.    Databasealerts can provide warnings about low space availability at both tablespace and segment levels.
D.    Alerts are not issued for locally managed tablespaces that are offline or in read-only mode.
E.    A newly created locally managed tablespace is automatically assigned the default threshold values defined for a database.

Answer: ADE

You use multiple temporary tables frequently in your database. Which two are benefits of configuring temporary undo?

A.    Performance improves because less redo is writtento the redo log.
B.    Temporary undo reduces the amount of undo stored in undo tablespaces.
C.    Performance improves because data manipulation language (DML) operations performed on temporary tables do not use the buffer cache.
D.    Performance improves because no redo and undo are generated for the temporary tables.

Answer: BD

Which two statements are true about Oracle Data Pump export and import operations?

A.    You cannot specify how partitioned tables shouldbe handled during an import operation.
B.    Only data can be compressed during an export operation.
C.    Existing dump files can be overwritten during an export operation.
D.    Tables cannot be renamed during an import operation.
E.    Metadata that is exported andimported can be filtered based on objects and object types.

Answer: DE

Your database is running in NOARCHIVING mode. Examine the following parameters:

You execute the following command after performing a STARTUP MOUNT:
Which statement is true about the execution of the command?

A.    It executes successfully and sets the Fast Recovery Area as the local archive destination.
B.    It executes successfully and issues a warning to set LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST while opening the database.
C.    It fails and returns an error about LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST not being set.
D.    It executes successfully and sets $ORACLE_HOME/dbs as the default archive destination.

Answer: C

Your production database uses file system storage. You want to move storage to Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM). How would you achieve this?

A.    by using a transportable database
B.    by using the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)
C.    by using Data Pump
D.    by using RMAN

Answer: D
http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e18951.pdf (p.184)

Which two statements are true about Oracle network connections?

A.    A listener may listen on behalf of only one database instance at a time.
B.    A server process checks a user’s authentication credentials and creates a session if the credentials are valid.
C.    The listener continuously monitors a connection after the user process connects to a service handler.
D.    The listener always spawns a new server process to deal with each new connection.
E.    A connection request from a client is always first received by a listener running on the port that is used for the connection request for the database server.

Answer: BD

Which two actions does an incremental checkpoint perform?

A.    It signals CKPT to write thecheckpoint position to the data file headers.
B.    It writes the checkpoint position to the data file headers.
C.    It advances the checkpoint position in the checkpoint queue.
D.    It writes the checkpoint position to the control file.

Answer: CD

Which statement is true aboutusing the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) to upgrade your database from Oracle Database 11g to Oracle Database 12c?

A.    It terminates if the SYSTEM tablespace in the source database is not autoextensible.
B.    It automatically makes necessary changes to Oracle environment variables.
C.    It automatically enables unified auditing in the upgraded database.
D.    It automatically adds new data files if there is not enough disk space to grow.

Answer: D

Examine the parameters for a database instance:

Your database has three undo tablespaces and the default undo tablespace is not autoextensible. Resumable space allocation is not enabled for any sessions in the database instance. What is the effect on new transactions when all undo space in the default undo tablespace is in use by activetransactions?

A.    Transactions write their undo in the SYSTEM undo segment.
B.    Transactions fail.
C.    Transactions wait until space becomes available in UNDOTBS1.
D.    Transactions write their undo in a temporary tablespace.

Answer: B

What should you do to ensure that a job stored minimal job metadata and runtime data on disk, and uses only existing PL/SQL programs?

A.    Create an event-based job.
B.    Create a lightweight job.
C.    Specify the job as amember of a job class.
D.    Use a job array.

Answer: B

You want to schedule a job to rebuild atable’s indexes after a bulk insert, which must be scheduled as soon as a file containing data arrives on the system. What would you do to accomplish this?

A.    Create a file watcher and an event-based job for bulk insert and then create another job to rebuild indexes on the table.
B.    Create a file watcher for the bulk inserts and then create a job to rebuild indexes.
C.    Create a job array and add a job for bulk insert and a job to rebuild indexes to the job array.
D.    Create an event-based job for the filearrival event, then create a job for bulk insert, and then create a job to rebuild indexes.

Answer: A

You plan to install the Oracle Database 12c software on a new server. The database will use Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Oracle Restart. Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server is already installed on the server. You want to configure job role separation. You create the following operating system users and groups:
– The user oracle as the owner of the Oracle database installation
– The user grid as the owner of Oracle Grid Infrastructure
– The group oinstall as an Oracle Inventory group
– The group dba as the OSDBA group for Oracle database
– The group asmdbaas the OSDBA group for Oracle ASM
– The group asmadmin as the administration privileges group for Oracle ASM
– The group asmoper as the group for Oracle ASM
Which two additional tasks should you perform with regard to the OS-level owners and groups?

A.    creating a separate central inventory group for the Oracle Database 12c installation
B.    assigning oinstall as the primary group for the oracle user
C.    assigning asmadmin and asmoper as primary groups for the oracle user
D.    creating OS groups associated with the OSBACKUPDBA, OSDGDBA, and OSKMDBA system privileges
E.    assigning asmdba as the secondary group for the oracle user

Answer: CD

Which two statements are true about the (PMON) background process in Oracle Database 12c?

A.    It records checkpoint information in the control file.
B.    It frees unused temporary segments.
C.    It kills sessions that exceed idle time.
D.    It registers database services with all local and remote listeners known to the database instance.
E.    It frees resources held by abnormally terminated processes.

Answer: DE

You want to upgrade an Oracle Database running Oracle Database 11g to Oracle Database 12c. Which three tasks should be performed before a manual upgrade?

A.    running preupgrad.sql in Oracle Database 11g to generate fix-up scripts and a log file
B.    running utlu121s.sql from the new Oracle home to display information about the required initialization parameters
C.    copying the initialization parameter file to the new Oracle home
D.    copying the password file to the new Oracle home
E.    copying net configuration files to the new Oracle home

Answer: ACE

You want to create a database and you have the following:
– Oracle Grid Infrastructure is installed and configured
– Oracle Database Vault is installed in ORACLE_HOME to be used for this database
– Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control isavailable and an agent is deployed on the database server
Examine the requirements:
1. configuring the database instance to support shared server mode
2. using Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for storing database files
3. configuring a naming methodto help a remote user connect to a database instance
4. configuring the Fast Recovery Area
5. configuring Database Vault
6. configuring Enterprise Manager (EM) Database Express
7. registering with EM Cloud Control
8. configuring remote log archive destinations
9. enabling daily incremental backups
10. configuring a nondefault block size for nondefault block size tablespaces
Which of these requirements can be met while creating a database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)?

A.    1, 2, 4, 5,7, 8, 9 and 10
B.    1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7
C.    1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10
D.    1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10
E.    1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Answer: D

Which two options can be configured for an existing database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)?

A.    Configure Label Security
B.    Database Vault in ORACLE_HOME
C.    Oracle Suggested BackupStrategy
D.    Database Resident Connection Pooling
E.    Nondefault blocksize tablespaces

Answer: BD

Which two statements are true about availability audit features after migration to unified auditing?

A.    The ability of users to audit their own schema objects is not available in the post- migrated database.
B.    Operating systemaudit trail is available in the post-migrated database.
C.    Network auditing is available in the post-migrated database.
D.    Mandatory auditing of audit administrative actions is available in the post-migrated database.

Answer: AD

What can be automatically implemented after the SQL Tuning Advisor is run as part of the Automated Maintenance Task?

A.    statistics recommendations
B.    SQL profile recommendations
C.    SQL statement restructure recommendations
D.    creation of materialized views toimprove query performance

Answer: B


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