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You are meeting with a customer, who is a candidate for an HP Helion OpenStack-based solution. The customer raises this objection: the company wants to move to the cloud on their terms, not on HP’s terms. What is one valid response?

A.    HP offers educational services, which will explain why moving to the cloud on HP’s terms will benefit the company.
B.    HP Helion solutions are open, thereby helping the company avoid lock-in and preserving technology choices in the future.
C.    HP offers a trial period for its cloud solutions, which will allow the customer to try out the solution at no risk.
D.    HP Helion is the only market leader, so the company will benefit from moving to the cloud on HP’s terms.

Answer: B

You are proposing an HP Helion CloudSystem solution to a customer. The customer is concerned about the time that it will take to get the solution up and running. What is a relevant proof point to share with this customer?

A.    HP Helion CloudSystem solutions are future proof because they incorporate Cloud Foundry and OpenStack technologies.
B.    HP Helion CloudSystem solutions include HP Helion Development Platform, which cuts deployment costs by 20 percent.
C.    HP Helion CloudSystem solutions are built on HP Helion OpenStack, which features twice the resiliency of OpenStack alone.
D.    HP Helion CloudSystem solutions are three times faster to install than similar solutions.

Answer: B

You are deciding which of these solutions to propose to a customer:
1. HP Helion CloudSystem Built on ConvergedSystem 700x
2. HP ConvergedSystem 700 with Helion CloudSystem Software
Which characteristic qualifies a customer for the first solution rather than the second?

A.    The customer needs a flexible solution that supports Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.
B.    The customer wants to speed the installation and deployment of the solution.
C.    The customer’s primary goal is to find a platform to develop cloud-native apps.
D.    The customer expects to have a mix of traditional and cloud-native apps and wants to bridge the two.

Answer: C

You are meeting with a company’s IT manager to explain the benefits of HP Helion solutions. What should you focus on?

A.    discussing how the company can use HP Helion cloud solutions to attract new customers
B.    explaining how HP Helion cloud solutions can make employees in line of business departments more efficient
C.    explaining how moving to HP Helion clouds will demonstrate to shareholders that the company is embracing new technology
D.    describing how HP Helion cloud solutions can automate and orchestrate the data center

Answer: D

You ask a customer about discussions they have had with their internal development teams about cloud services. The customer replies that developers often request platforms that support the tools and languages that they use, and different developers request different tools and languages. Which statement is true about this scenario?

A.    This answer helps you to direct this customer away from HP cloud solutions and toward HP server automation and software automation solutions.
B.    This answer helps you to qualify the customer for an HP Helion Content Depot solution, which stores a complete, virtual development platform.
C.    This answer helps you to avoid this customer, who is not a good candidate for existing HP Helion solutions and services.
D.    This answer helps to qualify the customer for an HP Helion Development Platform solution because the customer will appreciate its polyglot (multiple language) environment.

Answer: D
Based on Cloud FoundryTM and integrated with HP Helion OpenStack? HP Helion Development Platform is an open, interoperable, polyglot platform that supports enhanced application development and portability across traditional, private, and public clouds.

Which solution includes HP CloudSystem software, as well as the customer’s choice of hardware and hypervisorfrom a variety of options?

A.    HP Helion Rack
B.    HP Helion CloudSystem on ConvergedSystem 700x
C.    HP Helion CloudSystem on ConvergedSystem 200 HC-Store Virtua
D.    HP Helion Content Depot

Answer: B


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