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Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-351
Exam Name: Adobe Illustrator CC Recertification Exam

After exporting an Illustrator file to PDF, you notice that some transparent objects were flattened. What are two reasons objects would have been flattened? (Choose two)

A.    The document was saved with Compatibility set to Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3).
B.    The Illustrator file contained PSD files with transparent areas.
C.    The PDF document was created by using File > Export instead of File > Save As.
D.    The PDF document was saved with Standard set to PDF/X-4:2008.
E.    The Illustrator file contained Illustrator artwork placed as EPS files.

Answer: CD

You have built a color illustration. Before printing, you want to see how each ink color plate will appear, individually. Which technique should you use?

A.    Use the Flattener Preview Panel
B.    Choose View > Overprint Preview
C.    Choose View > Proof Colors
D.    Use the Separations Preview Panel

Answer: B

How should you replace an existing global swatch with another swatch?

A.    Delete the existing swatch, then rename the new swatch to match the deleted swatch.
B.    Open the Swatch Options dialog box and change the new swatch name to match the existing swatch.
C.    Command+drag (OS X) or Ctrl+drag (Windows) the new swatch over the existing swatch.
D.    Option+drag (OS X) or Alt+drag (Windows) the new swatch over the existing swatch.

Answer: D

Which two image types are acceptable choices when creating an art brush? (Choose two.)

A.    A linked AI file.
B.    An embedded PSD file.
C.    An embedded PDF file containing text.
D.    A linked PSD file.
E.    An embedded grayscale TIFF file.

Answer: DE

You’d like to set numbers in type using old style proportional figures, and the font you’re using contains those characters. Where do you select the Proportional Oldstyle option?

A.    TheOpenType panel.
B.    The Character panel.
C.    The Glyphs panel.
D.    The Find Font dialog box.

Answer: A

You have added a perspective grid to your document. You create some text and move it onto one of the planes of the grid, but notice that the text is no longer editable. Which technique allows you to apply text to a perspective grid but keeps the text editable?

A.    Convert the text to a compound path and move the compound path to the perspective grid.
B.    Convert the text to a symbol and move the symbol to the perspective grid,
C.    Create the text as an area type object and move it to the perspective grid.
D.    Use an OpenType font for the text and, move it to the perspective grid.

Answer: C

Which of these goals is a reason to use point type instead of area type?

A.    You want to add labels under city symbols on a map.
B.    You want to convert type to editable outlines.
C.    You want to enter text that wraps at a specific width.
D.    You want to thread paragraphs of text from one shape to another.

Answer: B

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