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Which two orders in the BGP Best Path Selection process are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    Higher local preference, then lowest MED, then eBGP over iBGP paths
B.    Higher local preference, then highest weight, then lowest router ID
C.    Highest weight, then higher local preference, then shortest AS path
D.    Lowest origin type, then higher local preference, then lowest router ID
E.    Highest weight, then higher local preference, then highest MED

Answer: AC

What is the first thing that happens when IPv6 is enabled on an interface on a host?

A.    A router solicitation is sent on that interface.
B.    There is a duplicate address detection on the host interface.
C.    The link local address is assigned on the host interface.
D.    A neighbor redirect message is sent on the host interface.

Answer: B

What is the flooding scope of an OSPFv3 LSA, if the value of the S2 bit is set to 1 and the S1 bit is set to 0?

A.    link local
B.    area wide
C.    AS wide
D.    reserved

Answer: C

How will EIGRPv6 react if there is an IPv6 subnet mask mismatch between the Global Unicast addresses on a point-to-point link?

A.    EIGRPv6 will form a neighbor relationship.
B.    EIGRPv6 will not form a neighbor relationship.
C.    EIGRPv6 will form a neighbor relationship, but with the log MSG: "EIGRPv6 neighbor not on a common subnet."
D.    EIGRPv6 will form a neighbor relationship, but routes learned from that neighbor will not be installed in the routing table.

Answer: A

Which two tunneling techniques support IPv6 multicasting? (Choose two.)

A.    6to4
B.    6over4
D.    6PE
E.    GRE

Answer: BE

Which two OSPF LSA types are new in OSPF version 3? (Choose two.)

A.    Link
B.    NSSA external
C.    Network link
D.    Intra-area prefix
E.    AS domain

Answer: AD

What action will a BGP route reflector take when it receives a prefix marked with the community attribute NO ADVERTISE from a client peer?

A.    It will advertise the prefix to all other client peers and non-client peers.
B.    It will not advertise the prefix to EBGP peers.
C.    It will only advertise the prefix to all other IBGP peers.
D.    It will not advertise the prefix to any peers.

Answer: D

Refer to the Exhibit. The displayed QoS configuration has been configured on a router. IPv6 is being implemented on the router, and it is required to convert the QoS policy to support both IPv4 and IPv6 on the same class. Which alternative configuration would allow matching DSCP AF41 for both IPv4 and IPv6 on the same class map?

A.    Class-map match-all CLASS1
Match dscp af41
B.    Class-map match-all CLASS1
Match ip dscp af41
Match ipv6 dscp af41
C.    Class-map match-any CLASS1
Match ip dscp af41
Match ipv6 dscp af41
D.    Class-map match-any CLASS1
Match qos-group af41

Answer: A

Voice quality is bad due to high delay and jitter on a link. Which two actions will improve the quality of voice calls? (Choose two.)

A.    Increase the queue size of the voice class.
B.    Guarantee bandwidth during congestion to the voice class with a bandwidth command.
C.    Increase the tx-ring of the egress interface.
D.    Implement LLQ for the voice class.
E.    Decrease the rx-ring of the egress interface.
F.    Decrease the queue size of the voice class.

Answer: DF

Which three statements accurately describe a link-state routing protocol? (Choose three.)

A.    Each router sends routing information to all nodes in the flooding domain.
B.    Each router sends all or some portion of its routing table to neighboring routers.
C.    Each router individually builds a picture of the entire flooding domain.
D.    Each router has knowledge of all other routers in the flooding domain.
E.    Each router is only aware of neighboring routers.
F.    Each router installs routes directly from the routing updates into the routing table.

Answer: ACD

Pass 350-001 Exam With Passleader 350-001 Exam Free Study Materials

While you are troubleshooting network performance issues, you notice that a switch is periodically flooding all unicast traffic. Further investigation reveals that periodically the switch is also having spikes in CPU utilization, causing the MAC address table to be flushed and relearned. What is the most likely cause of this issue?

A.    a routing protocol that is flooding updates
B.    a flapping port that is generating BPDUs with the TCN bit set
C.    STP is not running on the switch
D.    a user that is downloading the output of the show-tech command
E.    a corrupted switch CAM table

Answer: B

Your network is suffering from regular outages. After troubleshooting, you learn that the transmit lead of a fiber uplink was damaged. Which two features can prevent the same issues in the future? (Choose two.)

A.    root guard
B.    loop guard
C.    BPDU guard
D.    UDLD
E.    BPDU skew detection

Answer: BD

Which feature would prevent guest users from gaining network access by unplugging an IP phone and connecting a laptop computer?

A.    IPSec VPN
C.    port security
D.    port security with statically configured MAC addresses
E.    private VLANs

Answer: D

After applying a new ACL on a device, its CPU utilization rose significantly and many messages starting with "%SEC-6-IPACCESSLOG" appeared on the Syslog server. What can be done to resolve this situation?

A.    Increase memory allocation for ACLs.
B.    Remove all entries from the ACL and use a single permit ip any any statement.
C.    Remove the log keyword from each ACL entry.
D.    Reboot the device after the ACL has been applied.

Answer: C

You are the network administrator of a medium-sized company, and users are complaining that they cannot send emails to some organizations. During your troubleshooting, you notice that your DNS MX record is blacklisted by several public blacklist filters. After clearing these listings for your IP address, and assuming that your email server has the right virus protection in place, what are two possible solutions to prevent this from happening in the future? (Choose two.)

A.    Change your Internet provider.
B.    Change your public IP address.
C.    Allow the email server to send traffic only to TCP port 25.
D.    Put your email server in a DMZ.
E.    Use a separate public IP address for your email server only.

Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit. What problem does the debug ip ospf event output from R3 indicate?

A. and R3 are not both configured as OSPF stubs.
B. and R3 are not configured in the same OSPF area.
C. is configured as a no-summary stub.
D.    Transit area OSPF hello packets are not processed by design.

Answer: A

When troubleshooting the issue, you notice the election of a new root bridge with an unknown MAC address. Knowing that all access ports have the PortFast feature enabled, what would be the easiest way to resolve the issue without losing redundant links?

A.    Enable bpduguard globally.
B.    Enable rootguard.
C.    Enable loopguard.
D.    Enable spanning tree.
E.    Enable UDLD.

Answer: A

You are the network administrator of a small Layer 2 network with 50 users. Lately, users have been complaining that the network is very slow. While troubleshooting, you notice that the CAM table of your switch is full, although it supports up to 12,000 MAC addresses. How can you solve this issue and prevent it from happening in the future?

A.    Upgrade the switches
B.    Configure BPDU guard
C.    Configure VLAN access lists
D.    Configure port security
E.    Configure Dynamic ARP inspection

Answer: D

On a router that is configured with multiple IP SLA probes, which command can be used to manage the CPU load that was created by the periodic probing?

A.    ip sla monitor low-memory
B.    ip sla group schedule
C.    ip sla reaction-trigger
D.    ip sla enable timestamp

Answer: B

Which configuration would make an IP SLA probe use a precedence value of 3?

A.    ip sla 1
tos 12
B.    ip sla 1
tos 96
C.    ip sla 1
precedence 3
D.    ip sla 1
dscp 12

Answer: B

Pass 350-001 Exam With Passleader 350-001 Exam Free Study Materials

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